Widian Aj Arabia V for women and men

  • $71.00

Widian Aj Arabia V (Tester)

  Size: 50ml/1.7OZ 

Testers are items that were intended to be placed on the counter of a department store for customers to sample. They are usually unboxed or in a simple brown or white box. Testers are always fresh, new, and completely full but sometimes they do not have a cap.


With its sophisticated touch, Black V takes you back in time, circa 1920's Trails of the roaring flowery tuberose marks a break with tradition. Soft powdery delicacies reveal the unconventional inner self whilst adventurous spicy scents add a flair for the dramatic. A new you is born, a metamorphosis inspired by the magnificent V. V was launched in 2015. V was created by Ali Aljaberi and Jean-Claude Astier.


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