Widian Aj Arabia IV for women and men

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Widian Aj Arabia IV (Tester)

Size: 50ml/1.7OZ 

Testers are items that were intended to be placed on the counter of a department store for customers to sample. They are usually unboxed or in a simple brown or white box. Testers are always fresh, new, and completely full but sometimes they do not have a cap.


Black IV tells the tale of love at first sight, an animalistic attraction. Subtle and playful, it’s a story of subdued romance; a stolen glance and an instant allure. It is shyly awaiting a sign, a greeting to greet back. It is silently anticipating beauty to present itself to be tenderly appreciated, cherished, and loved. The eyes meet in captivation, magnificence, and lust. It all starts from the first glance, it is weightless, blissful; the journey of love starts here… Black IV, as opposed to its antecedents, adds softness and demure to the Black Collection. It welcomes your olfactory senses with the refreshing scent of Bergamot before introducing the sweetness of its Blackcurrant and Prune notes. The fragrance’s blend of Rose and White flower accords contributes to its spicy and floral scent, making the aroma all the more delicate. Its base notes Vanilla and Musk add a sweet and animalistic note to the fragrance while the Leather and Sandal add a natural woodiness to the fragrance, rendering Black IV an exotic and sensual scent. IV was launched in 2015. IV was created by Ali Aljaberi and Jean-Claude Astier.


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